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12 Travels to the 12 Planetary Chakras 5th Sacred Travel: Egypt-Jordan-Israel From the 11th to the 31st of August 2018   Julio Alonso has been entrusted with a new service, a Planetary Mission. To organize 12 travels all over the world, to the 12 Light Portals/ Planetary Chakras and amplify the energy of these chakras […]

4th Travel HAWAII

TRAVEL TO HAWAII FROM THE 23RD OF MARCH TO THE 1ST OF APRIL 2018 Date: Easter 2018 from the 23rd of March to the 1st of April 2018 4th Travel of the 12 Trips that we are making to amplify the 12 planetary chakras/portals. More information on the 12 trips and the mission. Travel itinerary […]


  9th OF AUGUST SPAIN / DELHI Presentation in the airport for check in and boarding with destination Delhi.   10th OF AUGUST ARRIVAL TO DELHI Arrival to Delhi and relocation to the hotel . Lunch and dinner and accommodation in the hotel.   11th OF AUGUST DELHI-DHARAMSHALA Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to the […]

2nd Travel AVALON

FROM THE 8TH TO THE 13TH OF APRIL 2017 Energetic works will be done: 2 Star Alchemies in group to amplify the energy of this Light Portal/ Planetary Chakra that is the Etheric city of Avalon and anchor the Star Seeds to all Humandkind. 8th OF APRIL Airport Barcelona – Bristol – Glastonbury. Presentation in […]

1st Travel PERÚ

16th OF AUGUST: BARCELONA/MADRID Departure from Barcelona to Madrid We come together in Barcelona and we join the rest of the group that is waiting for us in Madrid, travelling together. Night on board. 17th OF AUGUST: MADRID/LIMA Departure from Madrid at 11:00 h y arrival to Lima, presentations. Arrival to the city of Lima […]

12 Viajes -12 Chakas/Portales

El Padre Celestial le ha encomendado un nuevo servicio a Julio Alonso, una Misión Planetaria. Organizar 12 viajes por todo el planeta, a los 12 portales de luz/Chakras Planetarios y amplificar la energía de estos chakras realizando 3 Alquimias Planetarias Estelares en cada uno de los 12 viajes. Para despertar la sabiduría ancestral de las […]