Sacred Flames

The Sacred Flames are the Universal Energy, the Energy of God. They include all the qualities and attributes of God, all that exist belongs to them. Those are what we call intelligent energy, it is charged with light and love and it acts in an intelligent form. The Sacred Flames or energy of God, are infinite and everything has been created in one of the first 12 Sacred Flames (chakras).

Algunas de las energías que contienen las Llamas Sagradas son:

1 Ascended Master 1 Major planet 1 Major Test
1 Ascended Master 1 Minor planet 1 Minor Test
1 Male Archangel 1 Continent 1 Major Quality
1 Female Archangel 1 Major Planetary Chakra 1 Minor Quality
1 Male Elohim 1 Minor Planetary Chakra 1 Major Body
1 Female Elohim 1 Major Etheryc Temple 1 Minor Body
1 Major Number 1 Minor Etheric Temple 1 Major Perception
1 Minor Number 1 Major Animal 1 Minor Perception
1 Major Colour 1 Minor Animal 1 Major Organ
1 Minor Colour 1 Major Essential Oil 1 Minor Organ
1 Major Dimension 1 Minor Essential Oil 1 Musical Note
1 Minor Dimension 1 Major Perfume 1 Major Tone
1 Major Alchemy 1 Minor Perfume 1 Minor Tone
1 Minor Alchemy 1 Element 1 Major Melody
1 Major Flame 1 Gland 1 Minor Melody
1 Minor Flame 1 Major Seed 1 Major Vibration
1 Major Chakra 1 Minor Seed 1 Minor Vibration
1 Minor Chakra 1 Major Plant 1 Major God/Goddess
1 Major Stone 1 Minor Plant 1 Minor God/Goddess
1 Minor Stone 1 Major Universal Law 1 Major Conscience
1 Day 1 Minor Universal Law 1 Minor Conscience

Every stone, element, plant, animal, human, angel, god, planet, galaxy, universe, every being that has been created, it has been created in one of the 12 Sacred Flames. All that exist has been created by God in one of the Flames. We too, of course. The qualities of the Sacred Flame in which we have been created are the ones we master above all the rest of the qualities of the other Flames and within the 12 qualities of our Flame there is one that we master above all, not only above the 12 qualities of our Flame but above the all 144 qualities of God. This is the quality that makes you known in the “sky”.

As we know, everything is a reflex of ourselves. When we were made aware that Buddha became enlightened, Jesus rose, the Archangel Michael governs protection, Archangel Raphael governs healing, Archangel Uriel governs supply, Lady Nada is the Goddess of Love, Lady Portia is the Goddess of Justice and Opportunity, Ganesh is the God of prosperity, the Goddess of abundance, the Archangeline Faith, etc. what they want to let us know is that you also are a God of one quality. This quality is the one that you master as a God above all the others.

Every time we embody, we embody as Gods, with 12 chakras or main flames. Our energy and pureness is the same as a God. That is why is said that when women have a baby, they give light (birth). Because somebody could see that we are born as Gods, like a white, limitless sun. From our conception inside the mother, through the light that we radiate, we start to absorb like a sponge, all the thoughts, feelings and words that other people around us think, feel and speak and that is how we start creating as our own, the ideas, beliefs and feelings of others. The natural way of negative thinking, feeling and talking in our plane of existence, starts to cover the chakras with little spots of darkness that start to limit the light emission of every one of the chakras, forming thin veils that, at the end, become millions of dark layers that cover the chakras, until they turn off the 5 main chakras (from the 8th to the 12th chakras), so only the 7 main chakras continue to work. All we perceive is prevalently negative and this makes our power as the Gods we are, to be turned off and limited.

Every one of the 12 main chakras or main Flames we have in us, emanate 12 shades or qualities of the colour of that chakra or Flame.

These 12 chakras with 12 qualities, sum a total of 144 qualities (12X12=144) that emanate the different range of colours that form the rainbow. That is to say, the 12 qualities of every one of the Flames or chakras, are 12 different shades of that same chakra colour, for example: the 12 qualities of the Sapphire Blue Flame of The Will of God, they are light blue, mid-tone blue, opal blue, sapphire blue, electric blue…, reaching to marine blue. Only when you master all this shade of colours that form the rainbow, and you reach the highest level of illumination, the white Central Sun of your heart will manifest. When Jesus experienced this, we call it the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We go from 12 main chakras with 12 qualities with a total of 144 qualities, to 7 main chakras with 7 qualities with a total of 49 qualities. Between the age of 2 and 5, depending on how long it takes us to speak fluently, we end up having 7 activated main chakras and in every one of the 7 chakras we have 7 qualities, with a total of 49 qualities (7X7=49). These 49 qualities, are ordinary qualities, basic qualities of God.

The process of ascension makes you become again the divine and aware being you have always been, going from the 7 main chakras with 7 qualities to the 12 main chakras with 12 qualities through the activation of the 5 main chakras that were turned off in your childhood. 12 chakras with 12 qualities give us a total of 144 qualities. We go from 49 qualities of God in every embodiment to 144 qualities in the path of enlightenment or ascension process, returning to our divine origin.

From the 50th to the 144th they are extraordinary qualities and they are not activated in you. Every chakra has 7 ordinary or basic qualities and 5 extraordinary qualities. In few occasions we embody with one or more of these extraordinary qualities activated. For example when we embody as a King or Queen, a Pharaoh, an Emperor, is because we have the extraordinary qualities of the Blue Flame activated in us and usually we come to learn them, for example: immutability, leadership, the Will of God through Father’s Power, omnipotence and Divine Powers. That is why several of these people stated that they were Gods, the Sapphire Blue Flame of the Will of God is the one that reflects the God that we are and makes us feel that we can afford anything. Also, many of them, stated that God chose them as leaders of the empire, tribe, country, etc.

Same happens with some leaders of one or other religion, mediums have the extraordinary qualities of the Orange Sacred Flame of the Resurrection and Life. The great and famous scientists of the Green Sacred Flame of Healing and Precipitation Principle, the great prophets and clairvoyants had this Flame in their records. If we are a famous and recognized writer, professor, etc. we have the extraordinary qualities of the Yellow Sacred Flame of the Illumination and Wisdom. Great painters and sculptors have qualities of the Pink Sacred Flame of Cosmic Love.

All we have in the present life is the result of a pact with God, but when we have extraordinary qualities we also have a greater responsibility as we have to use them in correct way, if we don’t, karma we generate is greater.

All those individuals who stood out in any field of life, it was because of their extraordinary qualities, which doesn’t mean they used them in the correct way and generally they embodied to learn to use those qualities serving human kind.

These are the 12 qualities of the 7 first Sacred Flames:

The Sacred Flames

1ª Flame BLUE 2ª Flame YELLOW 3ª Flame PINK 4ª Flame WHITE 5ª Flame GREEN 6ª Flame ORANGE 7ª Flame VIOLET
Strenght Learning Love Pureness Healing Service Transmutation
Fortress Understanding Compassion Integrity Perseverance Supply Transformation
Faith Discreción Charity Balance Nature Ministry Forgiveness
Initiative Discernment Creativity Brotherhood Science Devotion Mercy
Protection Comprehension Gratitude Fellowship Concentration Worship Opportunity
Courage Knowledge Goodness Hope Visualization Peace Ritual
Surrender Contemplation Tolerance Discipline Consecration Virtue Ceremony
Immutable Wisdom Intuition Beauty Mental Clarity Resurrection Freedom
Leadership Perception Wealth Rejuvenation Divine Truth Life Victory
The Will Illumination Unconditional Love Christ Consciousness Abundance Opulence Law and Justice
Omnipotence Mind of God Prosperity Perfection Happiness Infinite Wisdom Power over Elements
 Divine Powers. Intelligence Joy Immortality Precipitation Principle Gracia Divina Alquimia

When we invoke one of these qualities, for example: healing through Reiki, then it is called Ray. The Rays are extensions of one of the Flames or Chakras, and they act intelligently. Thus when we use Reiki, the individual is healed being present or sending it at a distance, the green Ray goes exactly to the body part that needs it the most. Knowing how to use in divine form every quality of the Rays or Flames, that is to say how the beings of light (angels, archangels, masters, Gods, etc.) use this knowledge and apply it with the same love, is the quality of God that we name as True Alchemy (for more information click on tab Alchemy).

Every quality that belongs to one of the Sacred Flames is a shade of colour and therefore a different vibration, going from the lighter to the darkest shade of every one of the 12 qualities of blue, yellow, pink, white, green, orange and violet.

The way we learn the qualities of the 2 Flames that we come to develop is directly related with our job, where we spend 8 hours a day. It is through our job that we learn to use this energy or qualities of God with awareness and love.

In every embodiment we come to develop 2 Sacred Flames or chakras, a primary flame and a secondary flame.

Generally, we are attracted to those colours that help us to evolve, they are the colours that attract our soul the most.

The same happens with therapies. Every one of the several therapies that exist, belong to one of the Sacred Flames. This means that the therapies that belong to the 2 flames that you come to develop, will be the more attractive to you and also the therapies of the Flame that you have as your Divine Mission. The latter part belongs to the records we have in this embodiment, this section is more amply explained in Numerology of the 5th Dimension, where you will be able to receive a part of the records you have in this life individually.

I remind you that you were created in one of the first 12 Sacred Flames. You have at least 2 masterings that belong to 2 Flames (you can have a Flame duplicated), you have 2 masters degrees (gifts or skills) that will help you as tools to work on what you come to learn that belong to 2 Flames (you can have a Flame duplicated), you have only one type of karma that belongs to a Sacred Flame and finally you have a Divine Mission that also belongs to a specific Sacred Flame.