My Mission

Julio Alonso

Born in 1974 in Terrassa, a city in the province of Barcelona.

After school I decided to study Administration during 5 years, I passed and I had my title of Admnistrative. During the last year I already realized that I wasn’t made to be all day in an office working on papers. I liked all jobs that have different tasks daily. At that moment I was not aware that I came to this life to work with the Violet Flame.

I worked in: the kitchen of a hot dog bar, installing air conditioning machines, industrial electrician, installing glass shower, gardener, maintenance technician in Telepizza, maintenance technician in a leisure area which included 33 clubs, in a restaurant, repairing dishwashers and ice-making machines. All these jobs were weekdays but all weekends I worked in clubs during 20 years. In some moments of my life I have come to have 5 jobs at the same time.

My spiritual curriculum is based on my personal experience during the last 18 years, the same number of years since I awoke. In the first 10 years I had many encounters with all kind of people who awoke many years before and were fully involved in spirituality: seers, Tarot readers, shamans, mediums, numerologists, astrologer, healers, channelers, etc.

All people I have met in my life were my masters in one way or another. From them I learned that my own experience to try and experience thing by myself, looking for my own truth through this experience.

My beginnings in the spiritual world were more or less in 1999. Like most of the people that start in this world, I wasn’t sure of what I believed in.

I started with 15 years to work in clubs and when I was 23 or 24 I awakened due to the fact that some of my collegues began to talk about these issues.

I started to work in a club when I was 15 years old, and my job was collecting glasses. I learned progressively and my next work in the club was to serve drinks, 4 years later I was the responsible of an english pub where they performed live music, jazz, blues, etc. When I was 21 I already was second manager of a macro disco with 40 workers. I worked 4 years in the macro disco and the benefits increased gradually every year. During the last year we generate 200.000.000 pesetas of benefits, equivalent to 1.200.000€.

When I was 25 I opened my own business with a partner and I opened my first disco bar (a bar with music permission of 240 m2). Six months later I swop my partner after organizing a concert of the group Estopa in a soccer field. Two weeks before, the group Estopa declared that they sold 50.000 CD copies of their first album, it was free advertisement, a divine gift. I awoke when I was 24, before opening my own business and have a partner. My awakening took me by surprise as several collegues of the club told me that what I was living was because somebody laced me with black magic.
I started to work energetically on myself and to learn about spirituality since I had my own disco bar and being my own boss. When I was 26 I was alone with no partner in my business.

At the age of 27, with no partners, I rented two counters of great event tents in Tarragona. At the age of 28 I changed everything inside the disco bar: name, music, workers, decoration, etc. I renamed it Somnis (“dreams” in Catalan). By then I developed my spiritual life in such a way that I could not separate it in any aspect of my life. I gave the club that name because at that time I used to say that I daydreamed, that I saw images of how things were when done or how I had to do them, I also received images with information about people that were around me, in every moment or situation. I also started to hear my guides and receiving messages through others.

The music in the disco bar Somnis was for everybody to have a good time, the decoration pretended to be a Paradise on the clouds. I felt like this was my world and I recreate the sky. I shaped all columns like they were trees, the branches were like arms, in the tree trunk sages faces stood out. The walls were full of clouds and on them figures of Gods in meditation, and you had the sensation that they came to you. Some of the clouds simulate faces, in others a wave with the form of a white horse came out of the cloud. The smell of the incense could be felt clearly from the outside and the natural candles were always lighted to receive people like they were at home. On the entrance door a goblin and a fairy were painted and seemed like they were opening the door for you, showing a path formed with clouds. The slogan I used in the disco Somnis was “The doors of heaven are in Somnis”. I created water sources with building materials with cascades and candles in form of lotus flowers. It was my magic world, it was my life and my heart, that’s how I felt it and that’s how I created it.


I applied Feng Shui in the disco bar to harmonise and balance the place. I also enhanced wealth placing a statue of Ganesha (elephant), the God of prosperity in India. From 50 clients in the first weeks I went to 550 clients in 2 years and a half. During this period of time I learned how to cleanse my energy and how to protect myself, and then I was able to cleanse the workers and the clients individually, and in a short period of time I was able to do it with groups of 50 people until I reached a point when I could cleanse the 550 clients that came every night. The capacity of the club was of 107 people and my greatest problem was that people felt so comfortable that they didn’t want to leave until closing time.

During all this time, apart from consultations with different people who taught me a lot, as I mentioned before, I also read many books that guided me in the practice. In fact, all these books were in a bookcase in one of the bar-counters and people could read them during the week in an ambient with chill-out music. In this period of time I also assisted to many courses of:

  • Bach flowers.
  • Shiatsu
  • Reiki
  • Diksha
  • Archetypes

Most of all I went to private consultations with Tarot readers, mediums, clairvoyants, astrologists, numerologists, channelers, alchemists, shamans and many others which I attended weekly, always looking to understand all that was happening in my life. I understood that everything happens for a reason and this taught me how to apply all the information I was collecting. It was always for my own good, and for the rest. I was sure i only wanted to work with the light.

When I was 29 during a whole month, I practiced a visualization of 5 or 10 minutes in order to attract my soul mate. And one day, unexpectedly, while I was waiting a meeting where we lead disembodied souls to the light to start, she walked through the door and our eyes met. I was able to bring her into my life and when we both saw, we knew exactly that we were twin souls. In this moment I was also assisting in meetings where I learned to clean my aura, to lead disembodied souls to the light, to connect with light beings and many other things.

It had already been a while that my life was focused in spiritual evolution. I conceived spirituality in such a way that everything I did, I did it in a spiritual way. All the knowledge I had, made me being spiritual and improve all aspects of my life.

In June 2005, when I was 31, I bought another disco, which I named SOMNIS, the same as the other, but in this one the capacity was for 600 people. How all this happened was magic, I didn’t have enough Money to buy it, my wife had a dream where she saw a man giving her a big amount of bank notes and how she gave them to me. That was exactly what happened only one hour before the inauguration of the new disco. The man appeared and gave me the money I needed to complete the payment of the disco and be able to open that day.

In June, even though in Catalonia people go to the coast in the week end, I achieved to maintain the same number of clients, 500, every Saturday night. Every week end of September I increased the number of clients. In October I broke all previous records since the disco was opened. In fact, in October and November when we opened at 12 a.m. the people started to enter and at 2 a.m. the disco was already full of people, exactly 1.800. From 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. there was a cue in the front door of 1.500 people waiting to enter as soon as someone lived de disco. It was incredible, another dream come true.

The disco was my life, my world. The decoration was made of big metal Buddhas, white marble Buddhas specifically brought from India, statues of Shiva of more of 1,80 meters of height, more that 125 figures of fairies, elves and goblins, big amethysts, citrines, white and pink quartz pyramids, amethysts, malachite, etc. In all the walls there were paintings with a magic world where the 4 great Archangels were made with paintbrush and had a height of 2 meters, there also were paintings of lakes, rivers, waterfalls, with lotus flowers with light beings emerging from them. There were light temples, the water was made of light and some rocks and trees had their own face. I create transparent trees that glow from within and emanate the light of the aura that all the trees of the Mediterranean Sea have. The elves were mining semi precious stones from a volcano that was actually where the dj worked. In the dance floor there were several mushrooms that I created to allow clients to leave their glasses. More than 100 lanterns with candles decorated all the place. And, of course, in all the counters there were natural candles and incense that cleaned and perfumed the whole disco.


In December 2005, 6 months after opening, I rented the warehouse located behind my disco and I extended my business.

In January of 2006 I travelled to India, Nepal and Tibet. The same night I was celebrating my 33rd birthday on the highest mountain of the world, 3.300 people went to my disco. My wife and me, without any reservation in any hotel, ended up in a place called Hotel Shamballa in the city of Lhasa (Tibet) and we stayed in room nº 33.

In September 2006 we went to Egypt, a country where I incarnate in past lives and this, provoked a new and higher awakening in me.

Throughout all these years I have experienced all type of Miracles in my life, from healing miracles to material miracles, increasingly larger, elevated and divine, including overcoming drug abuse.

During roughly 7 years, I assisted to Alchemy meetings once a week, I also started to direct them, which is only allowed to a chosen few. In these meetings we were made aware through channellings, that a Alchemy meeting is the highest spiritual level which can be worked with on Earth, there is nothing more elevated.

My continued desire and effort to serve others, have made of mine, a life of service and work for Heavenly Father, this is what God offered to me in a channeling in April 2010 during an Alchemy through Montse.

Since 1999 I have learned and I have formed myself through the experiences of my life as a: healer, medium, channeller, seer and the most important thing for me that was to become an Alchemist.

All we have this abilities and capacities and lot more in our innermost being, they are only waiting the moment you decide to start developing them. Another ability that I have developed, is to hold the hands of another person and connect and transmit the messages of his/her guides, of his/her masters, of the Ascended Masters that are assisting the person in that specific moment, of Heavenly Father or the Divine Presence I AM or Superior Being of each person, etc. I can also perceive the physical state of that person or they show me past lives of him/her. For each person is different. I have learned how to cleanse the aura and how to transform all type of negative energy of people, houses, flats, units and business.

I also guide through aware regressions people who ask for it, through a technique I have developed applying Alchemy and the Universal Laws, for a greater healing and karma release.

Another of my developed abilities is to apply Feng Shui to houses, units, businesses and plots. I have added to Feng Shui different teachings to afford not only space harmonizing but also enhance any aspect of our life.

In 2009 I lost everything I had, and even what I didn’t have, I didn’t know at the time but it happened due to my karma. In March 2010, after losing it all, they showed to Montse that I had healed everything and three weeks later Montse channelled my Divine Mission.

I have 3 Divine Missions in my life:

– 1st It was to shine light into the darkness, during 10 years, a specific period of my life, when I worked in clubs, I used drugs but I overcame it. My, and everybody else, first Mission is to heal all the traumas of the present life and of our past lives.

– 2nd Initiate in the Ascension process or path of Illumination, all the persons that through his Will, God puts in my way and expand all over the world the True Alchemy.  To achieve this mission I can count on the help of 200 people who will give the same courses I am giving now, some of these persons are in Spain. I have already been informed that 2019 will be my last year giving courses of Ascension. I will not travel anymore but some of the 200 persons will do it all over the world. In principle, I will only give courses in the new house I will have in the Mountain of Montserrat.

– 3rd Create Etheryc Cities of Light.

During the last 11 years I have helped all people who asked for it and wanted any kind of information or healing without no spirit of profit.

Nowadays in order to help people to awaken in a faster and smoother way, I have created since May 2010 a course of Ascension with 3 levels through Alchemy and Sacred Flames:

– 1st Level of Ascension. (The first three Flames and Alchemies).

– 2nd Level of Ascension. (The fourth and fifth Flames and Alchemies).

– 3rd Level of Ascension. (The sixth and seventh Flame and Alchemies)


For more information click on Ascension Courses. 

I also give Workshops of the Will of God, Retreats and Heavenly Father asked me to realise 12 travels to the 12 major chakras of the planet to do a planetary work and for all Humankind.

For more information click on 12 Travels.


I have given conferences in the following congresses:

– Congreso de Angelología y Metafísica. Barcelona. 2011

– IX Congreso de Ciencia y Espíritu. Barcelona. 2011

– XI Congreso de Ciencia y Espíritu. Zaragoza. 2012

– XIII Congreso de Ciencia y Espíritu. Sevilla. 2012

– 31 Foro Internacional de Ciencias Ocultas y Espirituales. Madrid. 2012

– XIV Congreso de Ciencia y Espíritu. Badalona. 2012

– 32 Foro Internacional de Ciencias Ocultas y Espirituales. Madrid. 2013

– 7º Salón Int. del Esoterismo y las Terapias Naturales. Pamplona 2013

– XX Salón Int. del Esoterismo y las Terapias Naturales. San Sebastián 2013.

– 8º Salón Int. del Esoterismo y las Terapias Naturales. Pamplona 2014

– Natura Ronda, hacia el despertar de una nueva conciencia. Málaga 2014

– 35 Foro Internacional de Ciencias Ocultas y Espirituales. Madrid. 2015

– XIX Encuentro Red Ibérica de Luz en Begues. Barcelona 2015

– XVI Congreso de Ciencia y Espíritu de Barcelona. 2015

– XXII Salón Int. del Esoterismo y Terapias Naturales. San Sebastián. 2015

– Congreso Andorra (Encamp): Embolc. 2016

– Congreso Orion en Barcelona. 2016- XIII Foro ACCE Internacional. Gijón. 2016

– IV Homenaje a la Tierra. Barcelona. 2016

– XXIII Salón del Esoterismo y las Terapias Naturales. San Sebastián. 2016

– XIV Foro ACCE Internacional Nerja. 2016

– VII Jornades Medicienes 3000 en Bigues i Riels. Barcelona 2016

– XXIV Salón Int. del Esoterismo y Terapias Naturales. San Sebastián. 2017