Message of Saint Germain: The Great Awakening through the release of planetary karma.

MESSAGE OF SAINT GERMAIN channelled by Mª Montserrat Cañadell and Julio Alonso

January 2015

This message is the result of several channellings of Saint Germain to Montse and Julio.

The Great Awakening through the release of planetary karma.

I come among you one more day, my beloved. My wish is to prepare all those who are awaken for this great event. All the population of Spain, Portugal and France is ready to AWAKEN and in the next new year of the 5th Dimension (that begins mid February 2015) the planetary karma will start to manifest, it consists of karma of both incarnated and disembodied people on Earth.


There will be a first activation and energetic load in all planes of consciousness in Winter solstice of 21st of December 2014 affecting a few persons that will start to experience, 2 or 3 month before the new year of 5th Dimension, that change in their lives, energetically moving the darkness of their soul.


The beginning of the activation to release karma, as all those who have received my Alchemies already know, started on the 11th of November 2011 in a very specific place, specifically in Germany. This is the last country where a big amount of karma was created, and its inhabitants are the first to have the opportunity of starting to transform that energy created, in pure love, learning from past mistakes.


Our Beloved Mother Earth is starting now to release all the rest of karma that still remains in Her. Taking another step towards Her Ascension and it goes without saying that She does it from Her heart. For all the transformation has its roots in love. Spain, Portugal and France form the upper and central part of the very heart of planet Earth, therefore their inhabitants will gradually start to have the opportunity to awaken and transform all those creations which are not charged with love, expanding that awakening to the rest of the places included in the heart chakra of planet Earth. Afterwards, this awakening shall be REFLECTED outside of heart chakra, in the rest of countries of the planet. Awakening all Humankind, flowing from the very planetary heart, that Central Sun that will bathe all earthly dimensions (1st, 2nd and 3rd) like a stream of light and love.


This means that all the thoughts (a daily average of 99.500 negatives and 500 positives), emotions, words and acts negatively or positively created, will manifest in the life of each individual who still have not awaken, having the OPPORTUNITY to awaken through their trauma and karma, understanding who they really are, because there is no possibility to manifest karma without having cleaned all past lives and present life traumas. All these people will awaken through the manifestation of the records of traumas, fears, false beliefs and doubts that have not been healed in their soul.

It is the great OPPORTUNITY that you have been waiting for.

Many of the individuals who have not awakened and have not applied this knowledge till now, will be given the opportunity to serve others through love and compassion so they will manifest Love in Action. This is why their souls will be leaded to smooth the awakening of many brothers and sisters that will feel compelled to continuous changes in their lives, assisting each individual to make them understand and become aware.


All individuals who have, not only awakened but also put into practice all this knowledge, will manifest in their lives the GRACE of God, harvesting NOW all they have sow, consciously or unconsciously, and they will have the opportunity to serve at a higher level.

In this way, we will see the POWER of thoughts and feelings that have created your current reality.


For all this, I ask you and I THANK you, for paying attention to all those individuals who will ask for your help in infinite ways during their awakening, helping them to understand what is happening to them.

Their Souls are being called to Awaken and guided by us the Ascended Masters and beings of the angelical realm towards you, my beloved.


Helping them to UNDERSTAND what they are living, will make that in the near futur you will UNDERSTAND which is the next step in your life. In this path you are always LEARNING, for this is the way to update all your Soul already knows.


Therefore, you should never stop LEARNING. We are in an ongoing process of LEARNING and the next step is to LEARN to teach. Serve your brothers (Humankind) as Ascended Masters are serving you, with affection, love, humility, respect and brotherhood towards others.

To all those who have been Initiated (in the courses) in the Ascension process, when someone will approach you in search of help, awaken or not, ask to your guides and to your Divine Presence I AM to show you the next step for the individual who came to you. Remember that the one who has been spiritually working on himself the longest, is not always the more elevated. Many people (Souls) respect our spiritual process because they have already travelled it in other lives.

Some of the individuals Initiated in the Ascension process, that was for them the first spiritual conscient information they received in this embodiment. They didn’t assist to any conference, nor read any book, visited or talked with any awaken or spiritual person, or saw any video or information in Internet before. This may lead you to UNDERSTAND that the majority of people have awakened because they need more work than people who still haven’t awakened, this is one of the reasons why we awaken before other individuals. Understanding this will help you to serve others in their AWAKENING with humility.

What you usually think people need, is not what they really need, you have to keep your ego/mind silenced, be humble and learn to listen to others from your heart, where the flame of God, which is love, makes us one and helps ALL to become ONE. Just like that your heart will quickly connect with the other person’s heart. Keeping your ego/mind silenced and being humble, you will be able to see God in each person, listening to His words, the Word of God, what his/her Soul really needs to listen now. In doing so, you will help your brothers and sisters and you will develop fraternity and brotherhood, listening and seeing God in everybody, you will awaken God in you.





Julio Alonso Martinez
email: info@julioalonso.org
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MESSAGE OF SAINT GERMAIN channelled by Julio Alonso

May‎ ‎2015

Forgiving your parents (first message of five) 11th of May 2015


I’ve come today to give
a message of love, of light and peace.
Being this, the first message of five,
the first in Asturias (Avilés).

To inform you
of the following events.
To prepare you and reassure you,
yet you are protected.

(They placed a big golden umbrella upon all the participants in that momento, representing the protection of Heavenly Father).

All of you assisting here (24 people)
met in past lives.

In a specific life,
you were placed exactly the way you are now (in a circle)
That embodiment was in Scotland.

You were a big family (Clan)
and now you are meeting again,
in order to unite again
those bonds of light and love.

Finding in your Soul
that Great Heart.

Thereby, pray for you
for you and your family,
for each one’s family.
For all people of this circle and their families.
thus the truth is, there is no difference
between yours and others.

This is why we came today
To deliver this great heavenly message.
So that the message can reach all Humankind.
To allow our beloved Mother Earth
To Ascend and reach her Freedom.

The only thing she wants
Is that Her Sons
do it with Love.
Following Her.

Just like when you hold
your son or daughter hand
We are Her voice
The beloved masters, your brothers.

That is why we are giving this first message
To start to have encounters with you
Releasing you from those bonds
From those ties
That you create in other lives.

The time has come
To start to walk this path
For this comes to an end.
This is why, by fate
You are all here today.

Heal your relation,
With your father and your mother.
Forgive them from your heart.
And from your Soul,
this will arise you to another dimension.

This is the first step you need
Each one of you, and all Humankind
To start an amazing awakening
In Spain, France and Portugal.

It will be like a source of light
That will start to emanate
In all directions
That Central Sun, will not cease to shine.

You are the fire of God
manifesting here on Earth
You merely have to transform,
I am giving you all the tools.

I am helping you to transform and change
all your life, all your discomfort.
Everything that does not allow
God in your heart to shine.

Have no fear
you are protected and guarded
we are standing behind you
we take by the hand.

You only have to feel
And you will feel that energy
all through your arm.
To let your chest open
Make your arms open
And receive the new awakening
Of your brothers.

They will require all of you
There will be thousands, after becoming to millions
and unexpectedly we come to that great moment
We always hoped to see.

Of great awakening
Of your family and beloved ones
Their souls will long for
The greatest freedom.

As big brother of yours
You only have to ask me.
¿What is that you want to transform?
¿What do you want to experience?
So fast, so soon
This will manifest this way.

In five locations in Spain
There will be given five messages
In order to reach the Great Freedom
thus Earth is going to cleanse herself.

Focus yourself in healing your relationships
with your father and your mother
With Divine Mother and Heavenly Father
this will make you rise.

First do it from the heart
Aware that they sacrified themselves for love
Set them free from all those agreements
Bonds and pacts, and oats.

Of this and other lives
And they shall awaken too
Experiencing a rising
In their mind, heart and soul.

Look at each person
For what they really are
You already know
A master, a mistress
A God or a Goddess.

He/she is like you
An incarnated God
Just being able to see it
in a handful of brothers, you will feel
yourself floating, rising
as the God that you already were
is starting to manifest.

Forgive everything through my beloved
Portia, she is the door
to the great change
She is the higher Love.
Forgive though from Love, from the awareness
That everything has been released.

In the very moment
When you feel forgiveness
This person
has already been forgiven.

Until soon, Beloved
We love you, we are waiting for you
We are by your side
Until soon.

Channelled by Julio Alonso 
Julio Alonso Martinez

email: info@julioalonso.org
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MESSAGE OF SAINT GERMAIN channelled by Julio Alonso

June ‎2015

Learning to discern (2nd message of five, Tenerife)

I am here among you again.
To give you a second message
Of light, love and peace.

The first, heal your relationship with your parents.
In this second to learn what discernment is.
To keep ego at bay.
To know which is the real path.

Choosing until now
from your limited mind.
You have to learn
to walk the path of the heart.
Feeling it always within you.
Thus you will be guided.

Always by your guides
And by your brothers.
Choosing that Divine Truth
thriving from the heart.
You will always make the best decision.

Each moment of the day you are making decisions
And in many of them
you move off the path
That you have already chosen.

To connect with your innermost God.
You have to surrender to your heart.
Wishing to understand with love
The Will of God.

You just have to accept
and seeing that heavenly message
Start to walk
Let yourself be guided
By your guides and masters
And by Heavenly Father.

Leave your fears aside
Become that child
Pure and Divine
Make everything become a child’s play
And you will experience everything like a gift of God.

Don’t be afraid beloved sister or brother
We are here to guide you.
Humankind needs to go back to the beginning
Being that child.

You will have no problems
When discerning
A child only does
what her/his heart says.
She/he doesn’t think about tomorrow,
or about the past.
Therefore, do not think
Let yourself be guided, and the flame of your heart
Which is your innermost God
Will start to rise.

After each signal
You will give thanks.
Bless all your path
which is already designed
All you have asked for
Your great doom.

So that you will reach
The highest dreams
As you are not leaving in reality
You have always been an incarnated God.

That is why here in Tenerife
That fire has been ignited
and it is rising
From its inner base
of the sacred mountain
That will also reach Africa

That great flame of the past
has awoken
and will radiate towards all Humankind
From that great heavenly city.

In its base, a flower
With a thousand and one petals
Awakening that great wisdom
In this new Golden Age.

Which I govern as Lord Serapis Bey
I govern as your brother
As I Am, the Father of all
the great incarnated Alchemists.

Transform everything you do not want
Let it be the pure essence of Heavenly Father.
And mentally put it in the great fire
Inside this great mountain.

This way, you will transform everything
from the islands, Africa and Europe
Awakening that great essence of God
Inside every human being.

Transform it in yourself
And in everything you see all around you
Learning to discern
From your heart.

Do not try to understand.
Your mind is still limited
Learn to discern
From the pure Mind of God
Which is the Threefold Flame
That is in your heart.

So that you will reach the knowledge
From that same heart
At the time, understanding
And applying with love
You will spark the wisdom
The great Wisdom of God

Do not feel sorrow, nor resentment
Feel that unconditional love, that compassion
Arise love thoughts
To all beings all around you.

Visualize that yellow and pink light
In order to charge you divine essence
You will be charged in that moment
With a source of light and love
Through your crown chakra
Flooding your heart.

Visualize how that source enters
And from your crown, reaches your heart
And how you radiate from your hands
That infinite yellow and pink light.

You will keep at peace
Your mind, your ego
And in a few moments
The Will will manifest.

Manifesting the Power of God
Through the body, mind and heart.
It will radiate from that great source
Mercy and forgiveness.

Learn how to keep calm
All fear or sorrow
And you will awaken little by little, the discernment
Maintaining calm and balance
You will rise to me
Seeing things differently.
It is the new energy.
It is the New Age.

This Golden Era
Will illuminate your mind
And will make you see things
in another way.

Keep control
On every emotion, other than love.
This way, you will anchor yourself in the light
Of the new Golden Age.

You will reach the great destiny of your life
Which is to gain the great summit
Where God is waiting for you
Opening the door to your home
From where you came from
Happiness is already in Him and in Her.

They open their arms
to allow you to draw towards Them
Just ask for it from your heart
And They will rise you
to the following vibration.

Be aware
That They are it All.
Your ego is the one who creates
all separation.

Learn to discern
The messages of God
And perceive them all around you
through every brother
as they have ever been divine
you only have to wish to see the messages.

If you need guide and information
To know each step in your way
Ask to us the Ascended Masters.
To illuminate that message
Fort he victory of your destiny.

Farewell Beloved
We all love you
Have Faith from Tenerife
Until soon.
Until soon.
I love you.

Channelled by Julio Alonso

Julio Alonso Martinez

email: info@julioalonso.org

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