Original work by Duguay


The Alchemy is the transformation of something negative to something highly positive. It is the transformation of any thought, feeling, word, action, element or object to something far much elevated, to something divine. Alchemy is an attribute or quality of God of the Violet Flame which is purple-red or violet. The qualities of God present in us belonging to the Violet Flame include:

  • Transmutation
  • Transformation
  • Forgiveness
  • Mercy
  • Law
  • Justice
  • Opportunity
  • Diplomacy
  • Victory
  • Freedom
  • Power of the Elements
  • True Alchemy

The latter quality of God is the Alchemy, which in turn, is the creator of all Miracles.
The Violet Flame is the union of the 1st Blue Flame of the Will of God, with the 3rd Pink Flame of Cosmic Love, that is to say it is the union of the Power of God (blue) with the Love of God (pink). This means that:


The Power of Love Transforms, it can transform anything or anybody. In other words, Alchemy is one of the qualities of God that belong to the Violet Flame and it is through this quality that shall be created all kind and levels of Miracles, from the smallest to the largest.  It is through Alchemy that all type of Miracles have been created in all Ages on Earth. The higher our consciousness and love, the higher the miracles we are able to create and more power of transformation we have. One of the facts we have to keep in mind is that all individuals, after healing totally their traumas and completely release their karma, they will start to manifest miracles through the Divine Being they are, through their Divine Presence I AM. Everyone of our elder brothers, the Ascended Masters in their last embodiment, were allowed show to others the kind of miracle according to the Flame which they belong to.
In other words, an Ascended Master that belongs to the Yellow Flame of Illumination and Wisdom, could create all types of miracles according to the qualities of the Sacred Flame he belongs to. When he became enlightened, he showed us the transformation of an ordinary person to a divine person, an incarnate God, he showed us the most elevated Alchemy.

One of the most well-know Ascended Masters was Buddha Gautama. Buddha taught us through his own experience on Earth the Illumination. When he became enlightened, Buddha ascended to the highest level. Buddhism is based on the teachings of Buddha, whose 4 pillars are 4 different points of suffering. With this he was teaching us that the 3rd Dimension is the so called Suffering and Pain Dimension. God created him in the Illumination and Wisdom Flame (crown chakra). He made us aware that suffering is based on the different types of attachment and the same is the base of all our traumas, the ignorance of not understandig why we have to live such experiences on Earth.

So happened to Master Hilarion who realized thousands of miraculous healings, as God  created him in the Green Flame of Healing and Precipitation.

Same did Jesus, performing the miracle of resurrection, as he was created in the Orange Flame of Resurrection and Life. Among all the teachings of Jesus we can find that to reach Eternal Life and step out of duality of birth and death we have to do the biggest of sacrifices which is to dedicate your life completely to serve something more elevated tan you. Serve God, Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, all Human Kind and all the realms, was one of his greatest teachings. Surrender your life to God and the Eternal Life will be given to you by the law of cause and effect. A life of service and humility to God will free your soul from embodiment.

The same happened with Saint Germain when he turned metal into gold. Among other things, he was telling us he was an Alchemist, as this is a quality of those who were Alchemists and of the Violet Flame of the Power of the 4 Elements: water, earth, fire and air. These 4 Elements can only be controlled by the 5th Element that is the one that created them all: Ether, Chi, Prahna also called Energy. Its significance expands when you understand that traumas are located in 4 bodies: mental, emotional, physical and etheric. So when you control the energies that move these bodies, you will control all your records and you will be able to raise them to a divine level.

Saint Germain also wanted to explain that from the Iron Age (Age of Pisces) we will pass to the Golden Age (Age of Aquarius). In addition to control the qualities of the Violet Flame, he was telling us that he was created in that same Flame, as this is the one he mastered above the rest of the Sacred Flames.

Among other Miracles, in his last incarnation Saint Germain was seen during more of 200 years and all over this period all the people who saw him, told that he always looked to have not more than 30 years. In the feasts of nobility of all Europe, Saint Germain teleported himself in public to hundreds of miles in few seconds. These two last miracles do not belong to the qualities of the Violet Flame, Saint Germain taught us the infinite Power of God of the Blue Flame. Including Alchemy and/or the Miracle.  The Divine Mission of Saint Germain belong in his last incarnation to the Blue Flame of the Will of God, the Flame that reflects us the God that we all are and we have in us and he was able to show us different forms of manifesting God’s Omnipotence through the qualities of every one of the other Sacred Flames.

This happened with all the Ascended Masters, through it, God and our elder brothers were teaching and showing us the qualities of the Sacred Flames and every one of the Masters taught us a part of those qualities of God in us.
To all the persons in their last embodiment before Ascending, will manifest through the “transformation” or “miracle” the qualities of the Flame they belong to. God allow all Miracles when we are ready and we have elevated our consciousness and love. Currently, all the individuals more elevated in the planet, when they perform a miracle, it can only be private witnessed, it can’t be public. This happens for a good reason. I have already stated that to Ascend, 12 major tests and 12 minor tests shall be passed and to start this process first and foremost we must have Faith. Faith is a quality that belongs to the 1st Flame that is the reason why God does not allow performing public miracles. If a person that does not have Faith could see a miracle, this will not help him/her, he/her will believe in what he/her has seen, while Faith consists in believing in something or someone who is invisible. There is very little information available on True Alchemy, this is because in ancient times all the Alchemist Masters said that it was so powerful, so miraculous, that the disclosure of this knowledge was oral, to avoid this knowledge to fall in wrong hands. Working with Alchemy we are able to transform and balance great amounts of negative energy, traumas and Karma, in a faster and smoother way, of ourselves, our families, friends and acquaintances. Also of Mother Earth and all the realms that live on her. This is very important because the traumas we have caused to Mother Earth can be released through the 4 elements. Volcanoes (fire), tornadoes (air), earthquakes (earth) and storms (water). That is why in this moment Alchemy is very necessary, to allow Mother Earth make the transformation smoothly as possible and also we will have a paved path without obstacles for our Ascension, leading the way for Humankind.
Every one of the planetary events that we are witnessing for more than 30 years to the present day, are the consequence of what we have created in Mother Earth. She is ascending, like us, and needs to totally heal her traumas. These traumas were created by us during thousands of years in many ways, burning forests, poisoning wáter and air and abusing the resources of Earth. Now is the moment to express and manifest all we have learned over the millenia. This is the moment of True Alchemy.


Original work by Duguay

Alchemies are visualizations channeled by Montse, a great alchemist and master, through Saint Germain, through the Director of Planet Earth Sanat Kumara and through Heavenly Father.

They provided us with this divine gift to allow us to help all the people that ask for it for their Ascension. Alchemies help and prepare us to overcome the 24 tests that we will find in the process of Ascension in a fast and smooth way, making you living the path of Illumination as a gift.

Alchemies are used to cleanse and heal the 7 traumas that are recorded in each of the 7 chakras, all of your records of the present and past lives. Every Alchemy has a corresponding Sacred Flame, a chakra, a body, etc., cleansing and healing all trauma, the Alchemies help you to raise your level of vibration, of pureness, of love and awareness, until you will be one with God.

They help our bodies to achieve the transformation in a smoother way and they prepare our etheric body, awakening all our qualities and gifts or masteries of all our past lives for our Ascension.

The 1st Alchemy was channeled 30 years ago by Montse. The first 11 Alchemies can be performed in group. From the 12th Alchemy on, they are secret. There are 111 Alchemies and only 5 persons in the planet have them. Transmit and deliver the Alchemies in the courses is part of my Divine Mission. The first 11 Alchemies are:

1st Healing of all the organs of the body. (physical)
2nd Transform all negativity and lower astral. (negativity)
3rd Receive the Gold of the Father. Healing of  the bones. (7 Rays)
4th Receive the Light of the Sun and the Throne of the Father. (13 “ )
5th Auras and Chakras. (14 “ )
6th Unconditional Love and Light. (22 “ )
7th El Power of the Elements and Total Purification. (24 “ )
8th Wisdom and Masteries of past lives. (masteries)
9th The one of the Regeneration and Correct Path. (24 Rays)
10ª Miracles. (24 Rays + All)
11ª Ascension, Illumination and Etheric Body (24 “ + All)
12ª It is secret (24 “ + All)

One of the most important things is that through Alchemies they were given to us the necessary and most spiritually and energetically elevated to allow us to raise in short periods of time. These tools are the creator of all the Miracles performed during all ages on Earth. When a meeting of Alchemy is held, it is the higher way to work spirituality on Earth, there is no higher energy in 3rd Dimension as the one we use in Alchemy meetings. It is necessary to understand that every time we embody we have 7 qualities of God for every Flame/chakra, 7 qualities for 7 chakras give us a total of 49 qualities of God. These qualities, are ordinary qualities, basic qualities of God. In the Ascension process you go from having 7 main chakras to 12 main chakras and you go from having 7 qualities per chakra to have 12 qualities per chakra. 12 qualities for 12 chakras give us a total of 144 qualities. We go from having 49 qualities of God every time we incarnate to have 144 qualities in the path of Illumination or Ascension process.
From the 50th to the 144th are extraordinary qualities and they are not activated in you. Every chakra has 7 ordinary or basic qualities and 5 extraordinary qualities. They are so called extraordinary because exceptionally, in some incarnations, you can have some of them activated and generally only 5 extraordinary qualities per chakra. These 12 qualities in 12 chakras, in total 144 qualities, they spread different shades of colours that form the rainbow. In other words, 12 qualities of every one of the Flames or chakras are 12 shades of that specific colour of that chakra, for example: the 12 qualities of the Sapphire Blue Flame of the Will of God go from light blue, mid-tone blue, opal blue, sapphire blue, electric blue…, and so on to blue marine. Only when you master all the qualities of this range of colours that form the rainbow and reach the highest level of Illumination, a White Central Sun will manifest in your heart. When Jesus experienced this, we called it the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In the Light or Etheric realms every quality is governed by a male and female being, called: Archangel and Archangeline, God and Goddess, Master and Mistress, male Elohim and female Elohim.
To understand the real significance of Alchemy I will appeal to Archangel Michael. He is known as the Archangel that masters protection of God on planet Earth, one of the qualities of the Sapphire Blue Sacred Flame (the Will of God Flame).  The shade of blue of protection quality that Archangel Michael masters is opal blue. This means that of all the light beings of the planet, Archangel Michael is the one who masters the most protection of God. He is the responsible of teaching and spread that specific quality of God to all beings on the planet. Archangel Michael is known as the Archangel who has a light sword. This sword represents the reflex of how he uses the energy of protection in the most elevated form on planet Earth, in divine form.

Imagine that Archangel Michael during a meditation or a dream, gives you his sword and explains to you how to use it, This, my beloved, would protect you in such a form that nothing can happen to you, a whole city can collapse and you will still be protected. This knowledge (Yellow Flame) gives you the opportunity of using (Blue Flame) with and for love (Pink Flame) in you and others, to have and to apply this divine knowledge, is True Alchemy. All Masters that reached most elevated Illumination there are 7 levels of Illumination) and used the True Alchemy, the people who witnessed this called it a Miracle. But the truth is that Miracles do not exist, it is only a matter of remembering how to use all kind of forms and colours of energy in a divine level. This is, my beloved, what the light beings mean when they say:

«Bring Heaven to Earth»

Imagine that the 144 Gods and Goddesses which master the 144 qualities of God on the planet, explain to you how to use the quality they master in divine form on the planet, so you will be able to remember how a God will act in all aspects on the etheric realm. This is True Alchemy, it means to know or to remember how to use all the qualities in a divine form. You will not only have the knowledge, but also understand it and apply it, doing something with love develops and awakens the wisdom. This is what it means to bring Heaven to Earth, when someone brought this knowledge and apply it, we have called it Miracle, but it is actually remembering how God acts through you. In Alchemies, all the Gods and Goddesses of all hierarchies, gave us a specific form to use the energy and the qualities that They master, through the Alchemies of Saint Germain. These tools are used to speed the process of cleansing, healing and releasing traumas and karma, in such a fast and smooth way, that you experience it like a Miracle. Through these Alchemies they teach you the correct order in which you have to work to create a continuous change in your life, being your own life transformed constantly.
It has never been this easy to ascend and still it requires a great work and perseverance, the most important thing is that you need to have it so clear, that ascend or illuminate must be your only priority in your life.


Obra original de Duguay

The Planetary Alchemy or in group is a service and work that is realized in all levels. The Planetary Alchemy is considered in group when more than 3 people are doing it, this is the minimum required and there is no maximum limit. Actually the more people working in the Planetary Alchemy, the more energy is handled.

The Planetary Alchemy is the higher spiritual level we can work with in human realm, in 3rd Dimension. We work with all the elements (water, fire, air, earth and energy), with all the realms, mineral, natural, animal, all Human Kind and Mother Earth, and also with light beings (Masters, Archangels, Gods, etc.) working energy with Wisdom (light), Love and Power to their divine level.

Thousands and thousands of light beings of all hierarchies in the planet come to assist us when we do such works. This allow us to transform large amounts of traumas, fears, worries, false beliefs, doubts and karma belonging to darkness realms and all Human Kind and that are reflected as records in our beloved Mother Earth in a very, very smooth and fast way.

Take part and work in a Planetary Alchemy is the greater service that can be realized for love and everybody is invited to do this service and live this experience.

We are now performing a new planetary service which is the Stellar Planetary Alchemy and it consist in 3 Alchemies in each of the 12 main chakras or light portals of the Earth. For that purpose I am organizing 12 travels that can be attended by anyone who feel in their heart to perform this service for Mother Earth and all Humankind.

You can find more information in the section 12 travels.