1st Travel PERÚ


Departure from Barcelona to Madrid
We come together in Barcelona and we join the rest of the group that is waiting for us in Madrid, travelling together. Night on board.


Departure from Madrid at 11:00 h y arrival to Lima, presentations.
Arrival to the city of Lima at 16:05 in the afternoon, assistance and transfer to the hotel. Day off to acclimatize to hour and altitude. Meeting in the afternoon/evening to talk about the travel and to know each other, the ones who come from Europe, with the people who attend the travel from other places in South America. Dinner and lodging in Lima.


Tour in Lima visit to the elongated skulls in the Museum

Breakfast and lunch. We will spend part of the day making a City Tour through Colonial and Modern Lima.  We will explore the most characteristic places of the city of Lima full of charm and traditions. We will visit its traditional historic centre, the Plaza Mayor, the Palacio del Gobierno, the Palacio Municipal, its impressive Cathedral, the Convent and St. Francis Church, where we can find the subterranean crypts known as “Las Catacumbas”. Finally, we will have an incomparable views of the Pacific Ocean from the turistic disctrict of Miraflores. In the afternoon we will visit the fascinating Lima Museum with the elongated skulls and other evidences that we have never been alone on this planet. Experts ufologists will guide us and will explain us the non oficial history and we will collect audiovisual material for future documentaries.
Accomodation in Lima.


Travel with a slider boat to Paracas and Islas Ballesta
Breakfast and lunch.
At the designated hour departure to the bus station (2-3 hours) to move to Bahía de Paracas. Arrival, assistance and transport to the dock to begin the excursion with sliding boats to Islas Ballesta.
Along the way we will contémplate the marine and ecologic wealth of Perú, we will be able to see, between other species, penguins, sea lions and big guano birds populations. We will contemplate the enigmatic “Tridente” or “Candelabra of Paracas”.
Tour and accomodation in Ica.



We will fly over the Nazca Lines and Stone Museum of Dr. Cabrera.

Breakfast and lunch.
In the morning we will go to the aerodrome in the city of Ica to begin the flyover. We will discover the fabulous enigma of the Nazca Lines, appreciating them clearly from above in a nice flyover from which we will be able to recongnise this amazing figures marked by the ancient inhabitants of Perú on the wide Pampa of Nazca.
Drawing of animals, plants and anthropomorphic figures can be observed, amongst others, the spider, the monkey, the dog, the colibrí, the condor, etc. Their huge dimensions are between 15 and 300 meters each with a depth of around 30 centimetres.
In the afternoon we will visit the famous Ica Stone Museum to know the collection of 11.000 carved stones, dated of the tertiary age, with scenes of open-heart surgery and men living together with dinosaurs.
We will try to convince Dr. Cabrera’s daughter (the discoverer of the stones) to show us the Museum in person and to explain to us some of the enigmas of the stones. Tour and accommodation in Lima.



City Tour through Cusco and Archaeological Park.
Breakfast and dinner.
At the estimated time we will go to the airport to take our flight to the imperial city of Cusco, arrival, assistance and relocation to the hotel.
In the afternoon we will visit the prehispanic and colonial legacy of the city of Cusco, an interesting tour where we will know the Temple of Sun or El Koricancha, ancient place for the adoration of the God Sun of the Incas on which was built the existing monastery of Santo Domingo; we will contémplate the beauty of the Plaza de Armas of Cusco and the Cathedral.

Afterwards we will walk around the surrounding area of the city visiting the fortress of Sacsayhuaman and its walls built with huge stones put together with incredible precisión, the “Stone of the 12 corners”, the place dedicated to the cult of Kenko, the watchtower of Puca Pucara y finally Tambomachay, ancient place dedicated to the cult to water. Accomodation in Cuzco.



Visit to the Sacred Valley.
Breakfast and dinner.
Visit to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a picturesque tour where we will appreciate important archaeological remains, landscapes and traditions; the Awanacancha, dissemination centre of the Andean textile weaving, the villaje of Pisac and the impressive archaeological park of Pisac, perched high up on a mountain;  we will tour by bus el right bank of river Vilcanota through different villages of the Sacred Valley till the location of Urubamba where we will enjoy with a comforting dinner in a local restaurant. In the afternoon we will visit the Fortress of Ollantaytambo, walking through its typical streets ascending to the higher fortress to admire the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Accomodation in the Sacred Valley.


One of the 7 Wonders of the World.
Breakfast and lunch.
We will have today one of the most fascinating and extraordinary experiences in the world, Machu Picchu. The adventure begins boarding on one of the most beautiful rail routes, crossing pintoresque Andean landscapes and afterwards we will go in the warm and exhuberant forest to the villaje of Aguas Calientes; from there, a bus will carry us through a meandering path up high to the top of a mountain, from where we will delight ourselves with an amazing view of the citadel of Macchu Picchu and Guanapicchu.
We will walk through the corridors and streets of the citadel, we will be witnessing the architectural grandeur of the Incas, contemplating an incomparable place in the world; afterwards we will descend again to the villaje of Aguas Calientes (go to the Sacred Mountain of Mamita Putucusi) to recovery our energies with a nice lunch. At the indicated time we will take a train back to Cusco.
Accomodation in Cusco.


La Ruta del Sol.
Breakfast and lunch.
At the designated hour we will leave the hotel towards the bus station and take a bus; we will do a fantastic tour with beautiful Andean landscapes till we reach the city of Puno in the Peruvian Bolivian Highlands. From here we will go to the Star Gate. Accomodation in Puno.





Titicaca Lake and Floating Islands.
Breakfast and lunch.
Today we will navigate the waters of Titicaca Lake, considered the highest navigable lake in the world (3810 m.). We will start the visit of Uros island, ethnic group Aymara that lives in floating islands built with totora reeds; afterwards we continue the journey through the lake and reach Taquile island where we will enjoy one of the most beautiful Andean landscapes, with hills and archaeological remains; in Taquile the main activity is textile weaving, garments are made with high techniques of fabric and show a sample of every day life. We will finally enjoy with a pleasant typical lunch, prepared with area products in a local restaurant, afterwards we will return to the hotel.
Accomodation in Puno.


Lima, free afternoon and optional activities.
Breakfast and lunch.

At the designated hour we will leave Puno to take a flight back to Lima. Arrival to Lima and hotel transfer. Rest of the day free to visit the abbundant local markets or to do optional activities like workshops or informative talks hand in hand with leading experts, sightings with Sixto Paz, aura cleaning with condor feathers realized by chamans. etc.
Dinner and accomodation in Lima


18th Congress of Science and Spírit and 1st of South America.
Breakfast and lunch.
In the morning we will leave and head towards the most antique city discovered only 22 years ago, the city of Caral in which valley we will see 33 pyramids.
Accomodation in Lima.


Farewell and departure.
At the designated hour we will take a flight back to Madrid and Barcelona. Arrival and end of our services. The arrival to Madrid is at 12:25 of the 29th.

Note (of Julio): I want to share part of the information that I received in this travel. The energy of Perú is at the momento the most powerful all over the planet and it is said the you must be careful with what you ask for because it comes true. I have already started to receive messages from my guides and Heavenly Father about the work we will realize in Perú, they will show me the exact places where we will have to do spiritual work in group. They already gave me the information about the number of people who will go with me in this travel: 40. They have this commitment by fate, we all chose this work before incarnation. Every individual (people who comes with me or through Miguel Celades, Christopher Everard or other partners) has the freedom to chose to participate or not in every work we will do. Likewise we can also participate, if we want to, in the activities that Christopher or others will do. THERE WILL BE A BEFORE AND AN AFTER TO THIS TRAVEL TO PERU.

TO MAKE RESERVATIONS OR HAVE MORE INFORMATION: 650 60 05 96 (Julio) or send and e-mail to julioa.m.33@gmail.com

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